Newyears and republik day Greetings:
Here some Fotos of Primel from my garden. The first flowers to appear in 2011. Till first week of Jan. we had snow, then the temperatures raised above zero, the snow melted. Today the sun is shining though the temperatures are going below zero again. But these two flowers are smiling.

And that is the time to tell you a story.
In my first winter in europe, that was in england, I was working an office. The day was sunny. In the lunch break I went from my office to my bank, not thinking of wearing a coat, it was warm in my room. The bank was not quite 1 km from the office. In the beginning it was ok. Halfway to the bank I noticed how cold it was. But then I decided to go to the bank. In the bank I had to sign some papers and my fingers were frozen. The receptionist gave me her gloves, and after some time I was able to move my fingers.
The lesson I learnt: The warmth in the room is not because the sun is shining outside but because the building-heating is on.