Gymnocalycium baldianum (Speg.) Speg., Anales Soc. Ci. Argent. 99: 135 (1925) (syn: Echinocactus baldianus Speg.; Echinocactus sanguiniflorus Werderm.; Gymnocalycium baldianum var. albiflorum C.A.L.Bercht; Gymnocalycium baldianum var. raineri (H.Till) Milt; Gymnocalycium baldianum subsp. sanguiniflorum (Werderm.) C.A.L.Bercht; Gymnocalycium baldianum var. schreiteri (H.Till) Milt; Gymnocalycium marianae Perea, O.Ferrari, Las Peñas & R.Kiesling; Gymnocalycium raineri H.Till; Gymnocalycium rosae H.Till; Gymnocalycium sanguiniflorum (Werderm.) Werderm.; Gymnocalycium schreiteri H.Till; Gymnocalycium venturianum Backeb.);
NW. Argentina as per POWO;

Gymnocalycium stenopleurum from Delhi-GS08032022-1: 1 image.

Interesting cactus that is popular here in California, and also now available in India also. This beautiful Gymnocalycium mihanovichii nearly globose cactus available in red, orange, yellow or even pink colours is a result of single gene mutation resulting in loss of chlorophyll. As the plant can’t survive without cholophyll, it needs to be grafted on another hardy compatible cactus, mostly a species of Hylocereus, which forms lower green portion of the cactus.
    Here is var. friedrichi in orange yellow form now correctly named as Gymnocalycium stenopleurum, photographed from Garden of Five senses, Delhi, 22-2-2015.

Looks different from images on net e.g.

Appears more closer to images of Gymnocalycium baldianum cultivars at






POWO  Catalogue of Life

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