Iberis sempervirens L., Sp. Pl.: 648 (1753) (syn: Aethionema longistylum Post; Biauricula sempervirens (L.) Bubani; Iberis arbuscula Spach; Iberis commutata Schott & Kotschy ex Boiss.; Iberis garrexiana All.; Iberis serrulata Vis.);
Pyrenees to Turkey, NW. Africa: Albania, Algeria, Bulgaria, East Aegean Is., France, Greece, Italy, Kriti, Lebanon-Syria, Morocco, Spain, Turkey, Yugoslavia; Introduced into: Assam, Austria, California, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Great Britain, Michigan, New York, Vermont as per POWO;

SK 3363 17 March 2022: 5 very high res. images.

Location: Langton Garden, Romford, UK
Altitude: 15 m.
Date: 26 February 2022
Habit : Cultivated

Appears to be from Brassicaceae.

Unequal petals Iberis, linear undivided leaves I. sempervirens




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