BSI Flora of India Checklist (Distribution):
Omphalogramma elwesianum (Aruanchal Pradesh, Sikkim, Uttarakhand)
Omphalogramma forrestii Balf. f. (Arunachal Pradesh)

Species with distribution in annotated checklist of Flowering plants of Nepal (Distribution):
Omphalogramma elwesiana (King ex Watt) Franch. (3800-4000 m; Himalaya (Nepal to Assam), S.E. Tibet)

Some species found in Indian Subcontinent with description & keys from Flora of China [Distribution other than China]:
Omphalogramma elwesianum (King ex Watt) Franchet [Bhutan, India, Nepal, Sikkim].
Omphalogramma forrestii I. B. Balfour (SW Sichuan, NW Yunnan)


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