Debregeasia wallichiana subsp. ceylanica (Hook. fil.) C. M. Wilmot-Dear, Kew Bull. 49: 468 1994. (syn: Debregeasia ceylanica Hook.f.; Morocarpus ceylanicus (Hook.f.) Kuntze);
SW. India, Sri Lanka as per POWO;

Requesting ID SN7322: 1 image.
Cultivated in pot at Kerala University.

Seems Moraceae

Debregeasia wallichiana ……?

I think it will be Debregeasia wallichiana subsp. ceylanica (Hook.f.) Wilmot-Dear, which have distribution in South West India, as per BSI Flora of India ChecklistPOWOFlora of Peninsular IndiaGBIF




POWO  Catalogue of Life  The Plant List Ver.1.1 BSI Flora of India Checklist  GBIF  Flora of peninsular India  India Biodiversity Portal

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