Tillandsia stricta Sol. ex Ker Gawl., Bot. Mag. 37: t. 1529 1813. (syn: Anoplophytum strictum (Sol. ex Ker Gawl.) Beer; Anoplophytum bicolor Beer; Anoplophytum krameri (André) É.Morren ex Baker; Tillandsia conspersa Miq.; Tillandsia krameri (André) Baker; Tillandsia langsdorffii Mez; Tillandsia pulchella var. rosea (Lindl.) Mez; Tillandsia rosea Lindl.; Tillandsia stricta var. albiflora H.Hrom. & Rauh; Tillandsia stricta var. krameri (André) Mez; Tillandsia stricta f. nivea Leme);
E. Colombia to Trinidad and NE. Argentina: Argentina Northeast, Bolivia, Brazil Northeast, Brazil South, Brazil Southeast, Colombia, Guyana, Paraguay, Suriname, Trinidad-Tobago, Uruguay, Venezuela as per POWO;

Air Plant:
Air Plant, one of the favourite aerophytic indoor plants in flowers with me. This is Tillandsia cyanea of Bromeliaceae.
The plants originate from south America where they grow epiphytic in rainy forests and also in deserts.
They absorb water and nutrients from air and do not need any soil though they have fibrous roots.

This is wonderful. Thanks for posting the pics.
Very fact it is flowering means this plant has adapted well to Pune climate.

Thanks for info, Where will get this plant in Pune??

The plants are in collection with a few plant lovers but are not on sale.

This looks to be Tillandsia stricta rather than Tillandsia cyanea as per

I guess you are right


Tillandsia for id…::NS April 2022-01: 6 images.
Please suggest identification for this ornamental, shot from a nursery in Saharanpur, U.P.
Being a cultivated one, I believe it is not easy to conclude, still my guess is that it may be close to Tillandsia stricta…..

Yes it’s perfect, sps Pohlandia

I think you may be right, …, as per
I could not find any species like T.pohlandia




POWO  Catalogue of Life  The Plant List Ver.1.1  WCSP