Berberis darwinii Hook., Hooker’s Icon. Pl. 7: t. 672 (1844) (syn: Berberis costulata Gand.; Berberis knightii (Lindl.) K.Koch; Mahonia knightii Lindl.);
Central & S. Central Chile to S. Argentina; Introduced into: California, Great Britain, Ireland, New South Wales, New Zealand North, New Zealand South, Oregon, Victoria as per POWO;

SK 3395 08 April 2022: 5 very high res. images.

Location: Royal Garden Hyde Park , London 
Altitude: 30m.
Date: 27 March 2022
Habit : Cultivated
Berberis darwinii Hook. ??

Berberis darwinii.




POWO  Catalogue of Life  The Plant List Ver.1.1  IPNI

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