Helvella crispa (Scop.) Fr., 1822 (syn: Costapeda crispa (Scop.) Falck, Helvella atra Afzel., Helvella barlae Boud. & Pat., Helvella crispa var. alba Fr., Helvella crispa var. barlae (Boud. & Pat.) Boud., Helvella crispa var. crispa (Scop.) Fr., Helvella crispa f. crispa (Scop.) Fr., Helvella crispa var. fulva Bull., Helvella crispa var. fusca Bull., Helvella crispa f. grevillei (J. Kickx fil.) Massee, Helvella crispa var. grevillei J. Kickx fil., Helvella crispa var. lutescens Fr., Helvella crispa var. pithyophila (Boud.) Donadini, Helvella mitra sensu Bolton [Hist. Fung. Halifax(1789: pl. 95)]; fide Cannon, Hawksworth & Sherwood-Pike, Helvella nigricans Schaeff., Helvella nigricans var. atra Pers., Helvella nigricans var. nigricans Schaeff., Helvella pityophila Boud., Merulius undulatus var. fulvus (Bull.) Mérat, Merulius undulatus var. fuscus (Bull.) Mérat, Phallus costatus Batsch, Phallus costatus var. costatus Vent., Phallus crispus Scop.);

SK 3428 25 April 2022 – Mycophyta: 6 very high res. images.

Location: Jumla, West Nepal
Altitude: 2500m.
Date: 23 August 2021
Habit :  Wild

Helvella sp.

Sp. ID possible?

Maybe Helvella crispa (among those listed ones: H. acetabulum, atra, crispa, elastic, lacunose, macropus and queletti as per SK 2512 06 March 2020 – Mycophyta) as per

Not H.acetabulum, H.queletti or H.macropus.
Rest could be the possibilities.



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