Drosera capensis L., Sp. Pl. 282 1753. ;
S. Cape Prov.; Introduced: California, New South Wales as per POWO;


Drosera binata from Plantae Paradise, Datiyar Village, Solan-GS18012022-2: 3 very high res. images.
Drosera binata photographed from Plantae Paradise, Datiyar Village, Solan, Himachal Pradesh, 29-5-2015.

Insectivorous plant.


A reply on website page from Sudpito ji:
In the drosera page why does it show drosera binata? 1. It’s non native species
Even if its allowed to produce images of other species from the family. The first pic that comes up is misidentified and its a drosera capensis and not a binata.




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