Fern tree: 1 high res. image.
At gurukulam Kerala last week (29.4.22)

I’m afraid people sending in fern photos really have no idea what the photos need to show, as they do not read the literature about differences between species. This photo does not enable identification, it has no use at all.
For tree-ferns one has to show close-up details of the underside of a pinnule, so we can see the little scales, hairs, teeth and sori, plus one close-up of the stipe surface. A general photo of a tree fern is just that “A tree-fern”! Unidentifiable.
For many other ferns frond-bases are more useful than frond-apices, which people never seem to realise.
Then for the Angiopteris in the foreground we need to see a close-up of the fertile underside of a segment to see the position of the sori and the lenght of the recurrent false-veins.
So this person needs to start again and make photos that actually show something diagnostic.