Staurogyne zeylanica (Nees) Kuntze, Revis. Gen. Pl. 2: 497 1891. (syn: Ebermaiera zeylanica Nees; Erythracanthus elongatus Dalzell & A.Gibson);
Indian Subcontinent, Andaman Islands: Andaman Is., Bangladesh, India as per POWO;
India (peninsular India), Sri Lanka, Andamans (North Andamans), Bangladesh as per CoL;

Nees in DC. Prodr. xi. 74 ; trailing branches pubes¬cent, leaves elliptic subobtuse narrowed at the base, spikes cylindric, bracts obovate slightly longer than the flowers, corolla 1/4-1/3 in. T. Anders, in Journ. Linn. Soc. ix. 451, excl. syn. E. glauca, T. Anders, in Thwaites Enum. 224, not in Nees. Erythracanthus elongatus, Dalz. & Gibs. Bomb. Fl. 184, not of Nees.
W. Deccan Peninsula and Ceylon ; Concan, Balzell, Stocks, &c. Ceylon ; Macrae, Thwaites.
Stem erect, short, with large leaves, and flowering runners with much smaller leaves. Leaves 3 by 1 in., subentire, sparsely hairy on both surfaces, or glabrate with nerves beneath pubescent ; petiole 1/2 in., or in the leaves of the lateral branches 0. Spikes 1-2 in., dense ; bracts 1/3 by 1/8 in., obtuse, apiculate, strongly 1-nerved ; bracteoles 1/3 in., linear-spathulate. Sepals 4, linear, rather shorter than the bracts ; the fifth rather broader, linear, subacute. Corolla, stamens, and capsule nearly as of E. glauca.
(Attributions: IBIS Flora (Flora of British India))

Requesting a herb ID_290422-3: 2 high res. images.
A small herb with a round leaved and inflorescence appears to spike up with packed flowers. Carpets the forest floor.

Pl. check

This appears to be Staurogyne zeylanica as per POWO specimen and Wikimedia image.


Staurogyne zeylanica in FoPI:
Images at Staurogyne zeylanica in FoPI by Dinesh ji are not correct.
Look different from specimens of Staurogyne zeylanica in GBIF.
Pl. correct.



POWO specimen  Catalogue of Life  The Plant List Ver.1.1  IPNI  IBIS Flora (Flora of British India) Kerala plants  Wikimedia image

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