Chylismia brevipes subsp. pallidula (Munz) W. L. Wagner & Hoch, Syst. Bot. Monogr. 83: 206 2007. (syn: Camissonia brevipes subsp. pallidula (Munz) P.H.Raven; Oenothera brevipes var. pallidula Munz; Oenothera brevipes subsp. pallidula (Munz) P.H.Raven; Oenothera pallidula (Munz) Munz);
SW. U.S.A.: Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah as per POWO;

Another herb for ID from Las Vegas-GS30042022-3: 9 high res. images.
Please help with ID of this herb Photographed from Las Vegas, 25-12-2010

Maybe some Onagraceae

Pl. check with Epilobium.

Chylismia brevipes?

C. brevipes subsp. brevipes

or more accurately C. brevipes subsp. pallidula as free subterminal calyx tips are lacking
Chylismia brevipes subsp. brevipes (




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