Tree for ID – 120711 – RK – 1: Request Id.I got the pic of flower only at end of flowering season.I thought this could be Peach but do not think so .These  fruits fall off at a very early stage. Pics taken March – April 2011 at Los Altos, California.

Not carambola…its fruits look like carambola from day 1, since the ovary is star shaped in cross section, can even have the anther attached to its top even when tiny and when sepals and petals  have just fallen off….   the “fruits” (if they are fruits and not flower buds )  are like any  pit bearing fruit…peach may be…
We have several here in the Hort garden… and we had to study them  in one of our amateurs’ classes a few years ago…

These are definitely not flower-buds. In prime flowering time the branches are fully laden with blooms.Was lucky to find a few last flowers of the season. Have given one more photo.Hope it will be useful.

If they are not flower buds, then this tree defenitely is not carambaola… since your tree’s “fruits” are round in circumferential ouline and not star shaped…

Does not look like Averhoa carambola to me. Here are my pictures of A carambola.

If all photographs of … belong to same tree, then definitely it is not peach. The leaves of 4th photograph do look like Apricot, 2nd photograph could well be young fruits of apricot, but not the flower in first photograph which looks cauliflorous.


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