Colletia hystrix Clos, Fl. Chil. 2: 32 1847. (syn: Colletia aciculata Miers; Colletia armata Miers; Colletia armata f. subglabra Sealy; Colletia brevispina Phil.; Colletia cataphracta Miers; Colletia dumosa Miers; Colletia hystrix var. brevispina (Phil.) Reiche; Colletia pungens Miers; Colletia spinosa var. armata (Miers) Reiche; Colletia spinosa var. cataphracta (Miers) Reiche; Colletia spinosa var. pungens (Miers) Reiche; Colletia spinosa var. valdiviana (Phil.) Reiche; Colletia spinosa var. veprecula (Miers) Reiche; Colletia spinosissima var. valdiviana (Phil.) Escal. ex Reichert; Colletia tomentosa Phil.; Colletia valdiviana Phil.; Colletia veprecula Miers; Discaria dumosa (Miers) Kuntze; Notophaena tomentosa (Phil.) Miers);
Chile to S. Argentina as per POWO;

SK 3532 01 June 2022: 3 very high res. images.

Location: Kew, London, UK
Altitude: 19 m.
Date: 04 April 2022
Habit : Cultivated

This could be Colletia hystrix (Rhamnaceae)


If you zoom in label is visible Colletia armata.

Yes …! Colletia hystrix Clos !

I could have saved myself a lot of deduction! Colletia armata is a synonym of Colletia hystrix now.




POWO  Catalogue of Life  The Plant List Ver.1.1  IPNI

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