Didymocarpus punduanus var. pulcher (C.B.Clarke) Su.Datta & B.K.Sinha, Nelumbo 57: 31 (2015) (syn: Didymocarpus pulcher C.B.Clarke; Roettlera pulchra (C.B.Clarke) Kuntze);
Central & E. Himalaya to SE. Tibet and Vietnam: Assam, East Himalaya, Nepal, Tibet, Vietnam as POWO;

Clarke ; stem and petioles ashy-puberulous, leaves oblong or elliptic minutely densely pubescent above whitened glabrate beneath, cyme viscous-hairy, calyx divided 1/3 way down lobes triangular acute, corolla 1 in., capsule 1.1/2 in. pedicelled. D. subalternans, Clarke Comm. & Cyrt. Beng. t. 55, not of Wall.
SIKKIM, alt. 6-7000 ft., common, (Herb. Griffith), J. D. H., &c.
Stem attaining 1 foot ; lower cauline leaves long-petioled, often 3-4-nate, upper-most sessile. Leaves 4.1/2 by 2 in., acute, base often auricled on one side, crenate incised-serrate or nearly entire, coriaceous; nerves beneath raised, pubescent ; petiole attaining 2-3 in. Peduncles 2-3 in. ; bracts more or less foliaceous ; bracteoles 1/6 in., round, coloured ; pedicels 1/3 in. Calyx 1/4 in., rose-purple, viscous-pilose. Corolla broadly tubular, sparsely hairy without, violet-purple. Anthers minutely hairy. Ovary glabrous. Capsule-stalk stout, longer than the calyx.Nearly allied to D. punduana.
(Attributions: IBIS Flora (Flora of British India))

Suggestions regarding a new variety: 1 very high res. image.
we have found around 5 white flowered specimen of a plant that resambles a plant (Didymocarpus punduanus Wall. ex R.Br. var. pulchrus (C.B.Clarke) Su.Datta & B.K.Sinha ) reported from Sikkim. Most of the plant characters are similar except the flower colour and sparsely pubescent leaves.

Location- South Sikkim
2500-3000m elevation
Habit- herb, epiphyte
Attaching the picture of the plant from natural habitat.
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