Diglyphosa latifolia Blume, Bijdr. Fl. Ned. Ind.: 336 (1825) (syn: Chrysoglossum latifolium (Blume) Benth. ex Hemsl.; Chrysoglossum macrophyllum King & Pantl.; Diglyphosa macrophylla (King & Pantl.) King & Pantl.);
E. Himalaya to China (SE. Yunnan), Malesia to New Guinea: Borneo, China South-Central, East Himalaya, Jawa, Malaya, Maluku, New Guinea, Philippines, Sulawesi, Sumatera as per POWO;

Orchid species to be confirm……: 1 very high res. images.

please confirm its identity……
1. Name:- Diglyphosa latifolia ????
2. Family;- Orchidaceae.
3. Locality:- Sachung, East Kameng dist. Arunachal Pradesh.
4. Altitude:- 1400 m asl.
5. Habit:- Terrestrial.
6. Habitat:- Wild.
7. Dated:- 15th. May 2022

Very interesting. I would like to see more pics of the whole plant and labellum. This labellum does not match very well with the original drawing.

This is very interesting.
The plants described from India by King and Pantling was Diglyphosa macrophylla (King & Pantl.) King & Pantl. and it is treated under D. latifolia. However, they don’t match. But this image here matches with D. macrophylla.
Painting of King and Pantling is attached.





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