Asplenium emarginatodentatum Zenker, Linnaea 24: 263 (1851) (syn: Asplenium hindusthanense Bir; Asplenium rivulare Fraser-Jenk.; Asplenium unilaterale var. rivale Bedd.; Hymenasplenium rivulare (Fraser-Jenk.) Viane & S.Y.Dong);
SW. India as per POWO;

ferns: 2 images.
i found them inside a cave in Chikkamagalur district. can you please help me identify the ferns?

Yes, ferns again – Asplenium (Section Hymenasplenium) probably emarginatodentatum (syn.: A. rivulare, A. hindusthanense). Very diaphanous fronds and long-creeping rhizome.





POWO  Catalogue of Life  Flora of peninsular India

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