Henckelia wayanadensis Janeesha & Nampy, May 2020 Rheedea 30(1):48-95;


Didymocarpus tomentosa : 3 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (6)
During rainy season, rocky hills too blooms.
Ascent of 1088 mtr hillock in Melkote Temple Reserve Forest, Mandya district, Karnataka gifted Didymocarpus tomentosa.

Nice pictures of the Gesneriad. I have another species of this from western Himalaya. Will share it soon.

I think it appears different from Henckelia incana (Vahl) Spreng. as per POWO (syn: Didymocarpus tomentosus) as per images and specimens (one and two) herein.

More likely to be Henckelia wayanadensis




A taxonomic revision of Henckelia (Gesneriaceae) in South India with a new species, one new combination and seven lectotypifications (pdf)- May 2020 Rheedea 30(1):48-95- Janeesha A P & Santhosh Nampy

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