Taraxacum sinicum Kitag., Bot. Mag. (Tokyo) 47: 826 (1933) (syn: Taraxacum armeriifolium Soest; Taraxacum borealisinense Kitam.; Taraxacum czuense Schischk.; Taraxacum sinense Dahlst.; Taraxacum sinicum var. armeriifolium (Soest) Tzvelev);
Central Asia to Siberia and N. China: Altay, Buryatiya, China North-Central, Chita, Inner Mongolia, Irkutsk, Kirgizstan, Krasnoyarsk, Manchuria, Mongolia, Qinghai, Tadzhikistan, Tuva, West Himalaya, Xinjiang as per POWO;

Taraxacum sinicum Kitag. (syn: Taraxacum armeriifolium Soest) ?- Hunder, in Nubra, Ladakh: 31 images including high res. images.
In the wild area of a hotel, in Hunder, in Nubra, Ladakh, on 16.6.22.
Pl. confirm or otherwise.

Id as per FOC illustration one and two and POWO.




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