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Another Mussaenda, (record shot )
25 Jun 2009
Kakkalli, Hulekal,
Uttara Kannada
Forest stream, Western ghats
Flowers: Zoom this plant picture in the bush, we see small red and yellow flowers

I think Mussaenda luteola

In another mail it is named as Mussanda glabrata?

We have similar looking plant (but of course a small tree) growing in Delhi which we know as Musseanda luteola, and which Flowers of India identifies as M. luleola/glabra/incana, indicating that three are closely related especially by appearance. Plants identified by various authors may either belong to Pseudomussaenda flava or to Pentas lanceolata, two different species.
Mussaenda glabrata and M. glabra are two distinct species former being a large shrub with calyx teeth more than twice the length of ovary, corolla with pubescent or hirsute. Latter is rambling shrub with calyx lobes less than twice the length of ovary and corolla with appressed hairs. From habit it looks to be M glabra but other characters need to be verified,

Rambling habit should settle it as M. glabra (see discussion in the thread)