Henckelia lachenensis (C.B.Clarke) D.J.Middleton & Mich.Möller, Taxon 60: 776 (2011) (syn: Chirita clarkei Hook.f.; Chirita lachenensis C.B.Clarke; Chirita stolonifera C.E.C.Fisch. & Kaul; Chirita umbricola W.W.Sm.; Roettlera lachenensis (C.B.Clarke) Kuntze);
Sikkim to China (W. Yunnan): Assam, China South-Central, East Himalaya, Myanmar, Tibet as per POWO;

Requesting I’d of Henckelia / chirita: 2 very high res. images.
kindly help in the identification of gesneriaceae member spotted from East Sikkim. The plant differs from H.pumila in extremely long petioles and no colouration /spots on leaves. The flower is much larger than H.pumila also differently coloured.

Elevation – 2200 m
Kindly check the attached image of the flower, no other picture could be taken due to continuous rainfall on the date of visit.

Could not find a match as per comparative images at

Id confirmed as Henckelia lachenensis (C.B.Clarke) D.J.Middleton & Mich.Möller



POWO  specimen  GBIF  specimen one, two, three and four (High resolution specimens) Flora of China  FOC illustration