Saprosma foetens subsp. ceylanica (Gardner) M.Gangop. & Chakrab., J. Econ. Taxon. Bot. 14: 481 (1990) (syn: Dysodidendron ceylanicum Gardner, Saprosma ceylanica (Gardner) Bedd., Serissa ceylanica (Gardner) Thwaites);
Sri Lanka as per POWO;
Common name: Ceylon Saprosma

Bedd. Fl. Sylv., For. Man. 134/12 ; glabrous, leaves shortly petioled elliptic or lanceolate acuminate, peduncles axillary and ter¬minal 1-3-flowered slender, calyx-teeth 4 triangular. Dysodidendron ceylanicum and Wightii, Gardn. in Calc. Journ. Nat. Hist. vii. 2, 3. Serissa ceylanica, Thw. Enum. 150. S. Wightii, Bedd. Ic. Pl. Ind. Or. t. 15. Lasianthus foetens, Wight in Calc. Journ. Nat. Hist. vi. 517.
WESTERN PENINSULA ; on the Ghats, alt. 3-6000 ft., from Malabar southwards in moist woods, Wight, &c. CEYLON ; in forests of the central province, alt. 3-6000 ft., Walker, &c.
A shrub or small tree, foetid when bruised ; branches pale, smooth, ultimate compressed. Leaves 4-5 by 3/4-2 in., sometimes oblanceolate, green when dry, mem¬branous ; petiole 1/10-1/4 in. ; stipules connate, toothed. Peduncles 1/2-1.1/2 in. ; bracts and bracteoles minute. Calyx-tube obconic, glabrous. Corolla 1/2 in., purple. Style arms 2, short, linear. Fruit 1/3 in., obovoid, obtuse, “bright blue, very foetid” (Bedd.). Seeds plano-convex.
(Attributions: IBIS Flora (FBI))

Saprosma foetens subsp. ceylanicum images: 6 very high high res. images.
Here are images of Saprosma foeten ssps celyanica observed in Avalanche Range, Nilgiri Biosphere. 





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