Cymbidium crassifolium Herb., Proc. Hort. Soc. London 1838: 42 (1838) (syn: Cymbidium bicolor subsp. obtusum Du Puy & P.J.Cribb, Cymbidium flaccidum Schltr., Cymbidium mannii Rchb.f., Cymbidium paucifolium Z.J.Liu & S.C.Chen);
Himalaya to S. China and Indo-China: Assam, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China South-Central, China Southeast, East Himalaya, Hainan, India, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, West Himalaya as per POWO;

SK 3636 13 September 2022: 8 high res. images.

Location: Lakeside, Pokhara, Kaski
Date: 08 April 2017
Altitude: 822m.
Habitat : Wild
Cymbidium crassifolium Herb. Syn : Cymbidium bicolor subsp. obtusum Du Puy & P.J.Cribb ?? Only  sp. having distribution on C. bicolor in Nepal.

Not everyone accepted that name yet for some reason. Cymbidium bicolor subsp. obtusum is accepted by Thailand experts.

POWO, GBIF, CoL, WFO have accepted I guess.



POWO  GBIF (High resolution specimens) India Biodiversity Portal  IOSPE Photos

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