Sterculia lanceifolia Roxb., Fl. Ind. ed. 1832, 3: 150 (1832) (syn: Clompanus roxburghii (Wall.) Kuntze, Southwellia roxburghiana Spach, Sterculia ovalifolia Wall., Sterculia roxburghii Wall.);
Assam to China (S. Sichuan, S. Yunnan, Guizhou): Assam, Bangladesh, China South-Central, East Himalaya, Myanmar as per POWO;

Wall. Cat. 1124 ; leaves glabrous oval or oblong- lanceolate suddenly acuminate base rounded, racemes erect shorter than the leaves. Wall. Pl. As. Rar. 262 ; Br. in Benn. Pl. Jav. Rar. 229. S. lanceaefolia, Roxb. Hort. Beng. 50 ; Fl. Ind. iii 150, not of Cav. S. ovalifolia, Wall. Cat. 1132. S. alata, Wall. Cat. 1125. in part.
TEMPERATE HIMALAYA, ascending in Sikkim 6000 ft., J. D. H. ; SILHET and ASSAM.
A tree. Bark ashy. Leaves 4-8 by 1-3 in., lanceolate ; petiole 1/2-1 in., thickened at both ends ; stipules subulate. Racemes 2 in., axillary, few-flowered, pedicels erecto-patent sparingly stellate-pilose. male fl. most numerous. Calyx 1/2 in. diam., scarlet, campanulate, 5-parted, segments oblong-lanceolate, spreading, longer than the tube. Follicles 1-5, 3 in., lanceolate, beaked, downy-scaberulous, pink. Seeds 4-8, black, ovoid, coats as in S. guttata (Roxb.), albumen scanty ; cotyledons thick.—Wallich’s S. ovalifolia only differs in its oval leaves.
(Attributions: IBIS Flora (FBI))

MS,Sept.,2022/05 Sterculia sp. ? for id.: 3 images.
Location : Aiduzawl, Mizoram

Altitude : ca. 1,300 m.
Date : 08-09-2022
Habit : Tall tree, about 20-30 m high
Habitat : Wild
Mizo : Lentupui
Photo by : HC Lalfakzuala

Sterculia foetida…. wild almond tree

I also agree with …, as per images at Sterculia foetida L.

I think, leaves of Sterculia foetida are different.

Any keys from your book?

This is very rare tree. Found in only one village area in Mizoram

To me appears close to S.roxburghii (syn. of Sterculia lanceifolia Roxb. as per POWO) and as per details at
Can you send a clear image of the leaves?

Sorry !! Another leaves are not available.

I concur with … I had the same Id in my mind.




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