Sanguisorba diandra (Hook. fil.) Wall. ex Hoedb., Opera Bot. 11: 60 (1966) (syn: Poterium diandrum Hook.f.Sanguisorba decandra Benth. & Hook.f.; Sanguisorba dissita T.T.Yu & C.L.Li );
Himalaya to Tibet: East Himalaya, Nepal, Tibet, West Himalaya as per POWO;
Common name: Himalayan Burnet

related to Sanguisorba diandra: 6 high res. images.
I hope you’re doing well, here I’m attaching images of Sanguisorba diandra, which have not been posted yet in eFI.
Captured on the way to NandiKund, Rudraprayag Uttarakhand during my recent field trip.
Herb, up to 85cm tall. Stems glandular pubescent. Radical leaves with 5–8 pairs of leaflets; leaflets alternate or subopposite, ovate, elliptic, base cordate to truncate, margin obtusely or acutely incised serrate, apex rounded; cauline leaves with falcate stipules. Inflorescences capitate, lax after anthesis; bracts lanceolate. Flowers pedicellate. Sepals 4, persistent. Stamens 2. Style slender; stigma much branched. Fruiting hypanthium hardened, with 4 longitudinal, winged ribs.
please have a look for more details

Yes, as per POWO specimen and FoC illustration





POWO  specimen  Catalogue of Life  Annotated checklist of Flowering plants of Nepal  Flowers of India
The genus Sanguisorba (Rosaceae) in India– K.M. Purohit and G. Panigrahi-  Blumea: Biodiversity, Evolution and Biogeography of Plants , Volume 30 – Issue 1 p. 51- 68 (1984)

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