Rohdea wattii (C.B.Clarke) Yamashita & M.N.Tamura, J. Pl. Res. 117: 369 (2004) (syn: Campylandra cauliflora Chun; Campylandra wattii C.B.Clarke; Tupistra wattii (C.B.Clarke) Hook.f.);
Bhutan to S. China: Assam, China South-Central, China Southeast, East Himalaya, Vietnam as per POWO;

Unknown plant from Manipur: 2 images.
Observed this plant under the canopy of the temperate forest in Shirui hills, Manipur.
January 2021.

Rohdea eucomoides (Baker) N.Tanaka !
Looks slightly different from Rohdea wattii (C.B.Clarke) Yamashita & M.N.Tamura !

Thank you Sir for your suggestion. I think it looks closer to Rohdea wattii.

Maybe you are right.

Yes, appears close as per images at



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