Isodon nilgherricus (Benth.) H.Hara, J. Jap. Bot. 60: 236 (1985) (syn: Plectranthus bullatus Benth.; Plectranthus nilgherricus Benth.; Rabdosia nilgherrica (Benth.) H.Hara);
S. India as per POWO;
Common name: Nilgiri Isodon

Isodon nilgherricus (Benth.) H.Hara submission AS28 December 22: 6 high res. images.
Here’s a new addition to eFloraofIndia website from Southern Western Ghats.
Isodon nilgherricus (Benth.) H.Hara
Family – Lamiaceae
Photographed in Kanyakumari district, Tamil Nadu
In November 2022

Yes, appears close as per POWO specimenGBIF specimens (one and two) and as per



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