For ID – 21/01/2023 DS 3: 1 image.
I need help with the Ipomea’s – on how best to study them for ID.
I found this one close to home, Ahmedabad, and those pointy leaves with the wavy edges seem to be very different or do young leaves look like this? The beautiful flower has a soft pink centre. It was growing along with Peritrophe, Cassia sophera amongst Prospis juliflora.

I think there is mix up of plants. Make sure the leaves you mentioned are those of the one with Ipomoea flowers. Please post a separate picture of the flowers attached to leaves by separating the plant from other plant species.
In the present form it is confusing.

Could be bindweed (Convulvulus) climbing on another plant

Leaves and side view of flower is missing, for I’d.

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