Henckelia arupii Momang Taram and Hui Tag, January 2023 Feddes Repertorium;

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A scandent plant seen by roadside having lots of sticky tomentum on the leaves and bracts
Location-Lohit district of AP.

Check Paulownia fortunei.

efi page on Paulownia fortunei ?

It is certainly not Paulownia fortunei which is a fast growing tree introduced in India.

Haven’t come across this plant. But could it be Bignoniaceae/ Acanthaceae?

Gesneriaceae ??

To me looks different from Gesneriaceae

A species of Henckelia (Gesneriaceae)

Tried all possibilities but could not get exact match. Ultimately deformed Henckelia urticifolia??

Yes, … I also feel it is closest to Henckelia urticifolia (Buch.-Ham. ex D.Don) A.Dietr as per comparative images at Henckelia

Feedback from … as per Gesneriaceae:
Henckelia arupiihttps://groups.google.com/g/indiantreepix/tXM


Posted in 2013: published as a new species in 2023:
Congrats to Ushaprabha ji.
What she posted in 2013, was published as a new species in 2023. Pl. see details at
Another feather in the cap of eFloraofIndia.

Hearty congratulations, Ushaprabha ji !!

I think eFI should help members to publish new species. In my experience a big hurdle is lack of artists who can make professional sketches of botanical specimens. EFI can serve as a hub for such artists who can advertise their services here benefiting both the artists and the members. EFI can even start its own journal rather than wait for others to rediscover what is already known.

This group is open to all ideas.
But the problem is to get the volunteers to implement such ideas (which requires a lot of expertise, research and time).

I fully agree with you
It was just an off the cuff remark
The plant lovers of India should be grateful to you for your Herculean efforts.
It is remarkable that you reply to every post with incisive remarks that are so helpful while keeping the database up to date.
Am really grateful to you for your wonderful site.

It is certainly a good idea.
And sometimes we get ‘Jewels’ in this group, who come forward and implement such ideas.
That is how we are here today.

Congratulations Ushaprabha ji for the initial posting

Congratulations to first explorers and taxonomists determining it a novelty.

Many congratulations Ushaprabha Ji.

This is simply amazing. Credit goes to the efforts of our researchers,  Indeed its one more feather in the cap of Efforts of India, and perseverance of dear Shri. J. M. Gargji.



Henckelia arupii: 8 images.

Mid october 2022. This was seen a few kilometers after Udayak pass on the road to Walong in east Arunachal Pradesh. The district was possibly Lohit district or near the border with Lohit district and Anjaw district. 
It has been described recently.

Thanks, …, for the superb set of images.
Yes, appears close to images at


Henckelia arupii (Gesneriaceae): A new species from Arunachal Pradesh, India, January 2023 Feddes Repertorium- Momang Taram and Hui Tag (Abstract: Henckelia arupii, a new species discovered from Arunachal Pradesh, India, is described and illustrated. The new species is superficially similar to Henckelia adenocalyx and three other Northeast Indian species in habit, in the broadly ovate foliaceous bracts covering the flower buds, in the parallel-convergent venation of the bracts and in the infundibuliform corolla. However, it differs in having cymes reduced to solitary flowers, a campanulate, narrowly pleated calyx and lanceolate to elliptic revolute calyx segments. A detailed description and photographic illustration of the morphological characters is presented. So far, Henckelia arupii is only known from the type locality)

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