Eleutherococcus leucorrhizus var. fulvescens (Harms & Rehder) Nakai, Fl. Sylv. Kor. 16: 27 (1927) (syn: Acanthopanax leucorrhizus var. fulvescens Harms & Rehder ; Acanthopanax longipes Hand.-Mazz. );
S. China: China South-Central, China Southeast as per POWO;
Distribution in BSI flora of India;

Unknown Climber from Manipur: 4 images.
kindly suggest the species of this scandent shrub/climber (stem is covered with recurved prickles).
September, 2021

Check in Vitaceae.

Rubus?? What are the Vitaceae species having spines on stem ??

I do not think it appears like a rubus?

It reminds me of Toddalia except here there are 5 leaflets.

Yes, Toddalia was also observed in the area.

I think this is Eleutherococcus leucorrhizus var. fulvescens (Harms & Rehder) Nakai as per keys in Flora of China and FoC illustration and distribution in BSI flora of India and GBIF specimens (one and two).

Keys do not agree for that.


Please check this link: https://indiabiodiversity.org/observation/16487108.  I am not sure Only a suggestion.

It is not. It has got no spines.

No, it is different from the given link.



POWO  Catalogue of Life  Flora of China  FoC illustration  BSI flora of India  GBIF specimens (one and two)