Epidendrum anceps Jacq., Select. Stirp. Amer. Hist.: 244 (1763) (syn: Amphiglottis anceps (Jacq.) Britton; Amphiglottis lurida Salisb.Epidendrum anceps var. typicum Stehlé; Epidendrum anceps var. virescens (Lodd. ex Lindl.) Hemsl. ; Epidendrum fuscatum Sm. ; Epidendrum fuscatum var. virescens Lodd. ex Lindl. ; Tritelandra fuscata (Sm.) Raf.);
Hispaniola to Lesser Antilles: Dominican Republic, Haiti, Leeward Is., Puerto Rico, Windward Is. as per POWO;

Orchidaceae:Epidendrum anceps from Florida: 4 images.
Epidendrum anceps Jacq.
Very interesting orchids from the swamps of Florida. It doesn’t seem to grow outside the swamp.





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