Begonia fuchsioides Hook., Bot. Mag. 73: t. 4281 (1847) (syn: Begonia floribunda CarrièreBegonia foliosa var. miniata (A.DC.) L.B.Sm. & B.G.Schub.Begonia fuchsioides alba HoveyBegonia fuchsioides var. floribunda (Carrière) Irmsch.Begonia fuchsioides var. miniata (Planch. & Linden) A.DC.Begonia fuchsioides f. miniata (Planch. & Linden) VossBegonia fulgens LemoineBegonia miniata Planch. & LindenBegonia multiflora Benth. ; Tittelbachia fuchsioides (Hook.) Klotzsch; Tittelbachia miniata (Planch. & Linden) Klotzsch );
Colombia to Ecuador and W. Venezuela: Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela; Introduced into: Hawaii, Réunion as per POWO;

SK 3693 February 2023 – Begonia: 3 Heic images.

Location: BSI, Gangtok, West Bengal, India
Date: 05 January 2023
Elevation: 1700 m.
Habitat: Cultivated

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3 very high res. images.



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