please help me get these names 3: 1 image.
Posting these separately species wise, to reduce confusion in ids and as per posting guidelines from please help me get these names. (from …):
I got these herbs from my trip to Chitrakoot. One shop was selling lots of herbs. I got some more herbs as they were dirt cheap. He did put name stickers in the pouch but Now the problem is that I can not get the correct common or English names of these items.
Can you please help me identify these herbs based on your knowledge and the names he had provided (he may be wrong because he had to sell them anyway).

Seems Lamiaceae plant inflorescence.

May I request you to post high res. image to check the details.

I am not familiar with this.
Thus I am not able to find the English name.

Detailed images available at Please help me with this Herbs Name


Please help me with this Herbs Name: 4 images.
In may recent conversations your guys really helps me out. Only one this was there whose name could not be found. As per previous conversation, I’m attaching new High Res images so that more parts are visible. Please help me.

Coix grass?

I do not think so as per images at


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