Discospermum abnorme (Korth.) S.J.Ali & Robbr., Blumea 35: 300 (1991) (syn: Diplospora abnormis (Korth.) Valeton ex H.J.P.Winkl.; Diplospora confusa Hook.f. ; Diplospora singularis Korth. ; Diplospora singularis Kurz ; Discospermum confusum (Hook.f.) Kuntze ; Discospermum singulare (Korth.) Kuntze ; Gynopachis abnormis Korth. ; Randia abnormis (Korth.) Boerl.Tricalysia singularis (Korth.) K.Schum. ; Tricalysia abnormis (Korth.) Merr.Vangueria palembanica Miq. );
Assam to W. Malesia as per POWO;
Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Assam, Odisha, Meghalaya, Tripura as per BSI Flora of India Checklist;

Regarding identification Respected Sir Herewith I am attaching the photographs for Id , from Odisha Nayagargh Dist: 7 images.
I am attaching the photographs for Id , from Odisha Nayagargh Dist

Apocynaceae ?? Wild / cultivated ? When shot?

The tree has no latex, hence I believe it belongs to a different family.

It’s from wild material that I gathered in September 2022.

Can it be from Rubiaceae?

It certainly belongs to the family Rubiaceae.

may be discospermum species

Its likely to be Discospermum abnorme

Yes, appears close to Discospermum abnorme as per distribution and as per POWO specimen (one and two) and GBIF specimen.

Yes, it looks like Discospermum. Please check Decaspermum apiocarpum.



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