Euryops virgineus (L. fil.) Less., Prodr. 6: 445 (1838) (syn: Euryops flabelliformis Cass. ; Jacobaeastrum virgineum (L.f.) Kuntze; Othonna flabellifolia G.Lodd. ; Othonna virginea L.f. );
Cape Prov. to Lesotho as per POWO;

Euryops virgineus (L.f.) DC. ‘Tali’ from California-GS17042023-1: 5 high res. images.
Euryops virgineus (L.f.) DC., is another shrubby species (we already have E. chrysanthemoides and E. pectinatus with larger heads) with smaller leaves and flower-heads barely 8-10 mm in diameter, and endemic to S. Africa.
Plant used in Cultivation is cultivar ‘Tali’ with slightly ruffled leaves and attractive flower heads. Photographed from Fremont, California.

Yes, appears close as per images at




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