Rhamnella martinii (H. Lév.) Schneid., Pl. Wilson. 2: 225 (1914) (syn: Microrhamnus cavaleriei H.Lév.Rhamnella mairei C.K.Schneid. ; Rhamnus martini H.Lév.; Rhamnus yunnanensis Heppeler );
Nepal, SE. Tibet to S. Central China (and N. Guangdong): China South-Central, China Southeast, Nepal, Tibet as per POWO;

SK 3718 08 April 2023: 11 high res. images.

Location: Chandragiri, Kathmandu, Nepal
Altitude: 2241m.
Date : 8 April 2023
Habitat : Wild

I thought it may be from Rutaceae.

Did not find a match. Rhamnaceae ??

Rhamnella martinii (H.Lév.) C.K.Schneid. ??

Yes, appears close as per GBIF specimens (one and two).




POWO  Catalogue of Life  IPNI (Rhamnella martinii (H. Lév.) Schneid.)  GBIF specimens (one and two) Flora of China  Annotated checklist of Flowering plants of Nepal