MS, April, 2023/04 Diospyros sp. ? for id.: 4 images- 1 high res.
Location : Hmuifang tlang, Mizoram

Altitude : ca.1,500 m
Date : 04-04-2023
Habit : Middle-sized evergreen tree
Habitat : Wild

After working a lot with the attached keys and checking almost all the species with herbarium specimens in POWO and GBIF, I feel it may be Diospyros variegata (not sure) as per GBIF specimen.
Pl. post the description from your book.
Description given in FBI from IBIS Flora is as below:
Kurz in Journ. As. Soc. 1871, pt. ii. 73 ; leaves large broadly oblong acute glabrous, male flowers in very short sparingly pubescent cymes, corolla salver-shaped nearly glabrous without. Hiern in Trans. Camb. Phil Soc. xii. 203 ; Kurz in Journ. As. Soc. 1877, pt. ii. 236, and For. Fl. ii. 137.
ASSAM ; Jenkins. PEGU and MARTABAN ; alt. 0-1000 ft., not infrequent, Kurz. A tree, attaining 70 ft. (Kurz) ; glabrous.
Leaves by 2.1/2-3.1/2 in., base cuneate or subobtuse, coriaceous ; primary nerves oblique strong, reticulating nerves distinct ; petiole 1/4-1/3 in. Male fl. : cymes 3-8-flowered, crowded ; calyx 1/5 in., 4-lobed more than half-way down, lobes elliptic minutely pubescent ; corolla-tube 1/4 in., narrowed upwards, lobes 4.1/4 in., ovate, subacute, patent ; stamens about 16, anthers glabrous.— In an Assam fruiting example (n. 275 Herb. Kew) ; peduncle 1/5 in. ; fruit solitary 3/4 in. diam., globose, ferruginous-villous ; calyx-lobes 4, 3/4 by 1/2 in., auriculate, ferruginous-pubescent within. This was matched with Kurz’s male examples of D. variegata by the leaves, apparently correctly by Hiern, who nevertheless hesitated to describe the fruit of D. variegata from it.—Griffith’s Assam examples, referred to by Hiern l. c. 223, were finally referred to D. variegata, with which the leaves exactly agree ; the examples exhibit only leaves and dense panicles 4-6 in. diam, of abortive buds : these are doubtful.

I think it does not seem to match as per this description as corolla lobes are 6 instead of 4 and it is also not urceolate.

Diospyros toposia ?

Very much similar to D discolor/ blancoi.

I do not think it matches as per

I do not think it matches with any of these as per


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