Seed Bank in Bangalore?:
I have earlier got help for tree ID here. Not sure if this is the right forum. Is there any tree seed bank in Bangalore? I understand in cities like Bangalore there has been more progress than Kolkata (my hometown)
Context is, if I can get some rare tree seeds from them I can try planting them in Kolkata.. I’ll be there in Bangalore in Mid/late May.
For example, here we have only one tree of Parul (Steriospermum chelonoides) in Rabindra Sarobar which does not fruit. Probably if we have some more it might.

There are many nurseries outside Lalbagh near Eastern gate (Siddapur). He may visit these nurseries and try his luck as many varieties of plants saplings are sold.

There are some nurseries in Bangalore but I am not sure if that specific species is available. I have listed some options for nurseries that have some native plants. However, they usually sell saplings and not seeds. These are in different parts of Bangalore, so it would be best to call to check availability before going.
> Lalbagh nursery
> Institute of Wood Science and Technology has some native and economically important timber trees
> FRLHT in Yelahanka has a good native and medicinal plant nursery
> GKVK has a nursery but mostly horticultural species.
> Indian Institute of Horticultural Research near Hessaraghatta has a nursery but mostly horticultural species
Hope this is helpful.

I am not sure of any seed banks for native species. You could rather visit the forest department nursery and get the saplings from there.

I think quite a few community seed banks have come up around India over the last decade.  eg You could try contacting Sohail Madan of CEC. Under the aegis of the BNHS and with mentorship from Pradip Krishen, a seed bank of native trees/plants(?) was set up in Delhi – the DILY seed bank project.  I think several of the restoration projects (Jodhpur, Jaipur, Delhi etc) would also be able to help.  Of course none of these very close to Bangalore but maybe through the grapevine could lead you there.  Here is something closer to home

Just noticed the sender is in Kolkata. Best people to contact would be the Royal Botanical Garden there. I think they may have one.

Try mysore horticultural society in Lalbagh
it is very old society in mysore -now karnataka
All chance of getting proper information