Salvia mellifera Greene, Pittonia 2: 236 (1892) (syn: Audibertia spinulosa Nutt. ex Benth.Salvia mellifera subsp. jonesii (Munz) AbramsSalvia mellifera var. jonesii MunzSalvia mellifera var. revoluta MunzSalvia mellifera subsp. revoluta (Munz) AbramsAudibertia stachyoides Benth. ; Audibertiella stachyoides (Benth.) Briq. ; Ramona stachyoides (Benth.) Briq. ; Salvia mellifera var. typica Munz );
W. California to Mexico (N. Baja California) as per POWO;

Salvia mellifera from California-GS07052023-1: 5 high res. images.
Salvia mellifera Greene
A low fragrant shrub native to California with white to pale blue flowers.
Clicked from Fremont, California.

To me looks different (though I am not sure) from images at

initially I also was unsure, but after repeated discussion on Facebook Plant Identification group I was convinced.

I guess the ID is correct !



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