Regarding your inputs and suggestions on our citizen scientist work:
I am Dr Kapil, teaching Computer Science in the Department of Computer Applications, NIT Kurukshetra, Haryana. Here is my Google Scholar Profile for your reference.
I got your reference through and Dr Suresh Rana. We are trying to build a website to help engage people with plants. For this, we want to develop a list or/ and a hierarchy of questions that can enable people to identify plants well.
Please look at the first phase output of our group at and guide us to make a good resource which can be helpful for a wider range of people.
Our aim is to 1. Engage people with plants providing them with scientific ways of identifying plants, 2. Collect and disseminate structured information about plants to a wider community and finally 3. Collect local knowledge about plants which might reveal their importance and usage.
Moreover, if possible, help us get some funding to maintain and keep running this website.

A good starting point.
Forwarding it to the group for any feedback from the members.

As discussed with you, pl. refer to Trees of Delhi by Pradip Krishan.
To start with you can keep only trees and then move on to other areas, after you gain some experience in the matter.

Thanks a lot for your kind and appreciative words. We will keep doing it. Our objective is to create an engaging experience for people that can make them keen observer of the nature. It would be great if some of you ask us for more features to add so that we can have a great database for the plants and their traits and keep documenting the changes they are undergoing with time.


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