Curcuma haritha Mangaly & M.Sabu, Rheedea 3: 152 (1993);
SW. India as per POWO;

Rhizome pale yellow or white inside, branching with root tubers. Leaves 20-40 cm long, elliptic, acuminate, pubescent beneath. Spikes lateral, 15-18 x 4 cm, appearing before the leaves; peduncle 14 cm long; bracts 4 x 2.5 cm, rounded at apex, pubescent, corona purple. Flowers few in each bracts; calyx 1.4 cm long, pubescent, lobes acute; corolla tube 3 cm long, glabrous, lobes 1.5 x 0.9 cm, oblong, obtuse, hairy, pale yellow; lip 2 x 1.7 cm, emarginate, or very obscurely 3-lobed, glabrous; lateral staminodes 2 x 1 cm, oblong, with a patch of glandular hairs at centre; anthers 6 mm long, glandular hairy; spur 3 mm long, acute, curved; ovary pubescent.
Flowering and fruiting: April-January
Coastal regions and also high altitude grasslands
Southern Western Ghats
(Attributions: Dr. N Sasidharan (Dr. B P Pal Fellow), Kerala Forest Research Institute, Peechi as per India Biodiversity Portal)

Curcuma haritha: 1 high res. image.
Species: Curcuma haritha.

Family: Zingiberaceae

Location : suburban Kozhikode, Kerala (coastal plains)
Altitude: 20 m asl

I went through the database and noticed there wasn’t any picture of this species. So I thought it would be a good addition.

Yes, it is my new species.



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