Croton lissophyllus Radcl.-Sm. & Govaerts ex Esser, Novon 12: 45 (2002) (syn: Croton hookeri Croizat; Croton laevifolius Hook.f.);
Assam to Borneo (Sabah): Assam, Bangladesh, Borneo, Myanmar, Sumatera, Thailand as per POWO;

MS, June, 2023/02 Croton sp. for id: 2 images.
Location : Hmuifang, Mizoram

Altitude : ca.1,500 m
Date : 30-06-2023
Habit : Tree
Habitat : Wild

What are the species listed with keys?
I could not find any match at first glance at

Croton joufra Roxb.

Leads 3a. and b. are unfortunately partially incorrect in this key. Capsules are lepidote in C. persimilis as well. Moreover, mention of the main character of C. lissophyllus (bilocular ovary and fruits) in the key was desirable.

Croton lissophyllus ?

We need to see the female flowers to arrive at the final identity. It’s a Croton. Even close up view of a scale visible on inflorescence and petiole will serve the purpose.

2 high res. images.

Here we can see that the glands at the junction of petiole and lamina of leaves are stipitate (rather than sessile) and different parts are beset with stellate hairs rather than lepidote scales (unlike C. joufra).. So, I am going for Croton lissophyllusRadcl.-Sm. & Govaerts ex Esser. The remarking feature of this species is that the ovary and fruits are bilocular.




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