Saponaria calabrica Guss., Pl. Rar.: 164 (1826) (syn: Saponaria calabrica var. boissieriana Heldr. ; Saponaria calabrica var. roseoalba J.Carter ex J.Dix ; Saponaria graeca Boiss. ; Saponaria multiflora Regel);
SE. Europe to E. Aegean Islands: Albania, East Aegean Is., Greece, Italy, Kriti, Turkey-in-Europe as per POWO;

SK 3767 26 June 2023: 4 high res. images.
These flowers were seen in Nishant Bagh in Srinagar, J&K in April 2023.
Are they some Silene?
Requested to please ID.

Lythraceae ???

Thanks …, but I could not find any match. Let us wait for more help.

Saponaria calabrica Guss. [Caryophyllaceae].


If cultivated is it Silene armeria (common name Catchfly).?
Silene is a popular flowering plant planted in the gardens of Srinagar.

I’m not convinced about this being Silene. The allied genus Saponaria does tend to be mistaken and mislabelled as Silene in Indian gardens. This looks like Saponaria to me.
Generally speaking, one of the differences lies in the number of styles — 3 or 5 in Silene vs. 2 in Saponaria. Dimorphic (staminate/pistillate) flowers are known to occur in both genera. On close observation, a few 2-styled flowers can be discerned in Alka ji’s photographs.
The calyx in … plant is densely hispid. Hence, Silene armeria can be safely ruled out. Also, the pronounced corona present in the flowers of Silene species is absent/inconspicuous in … plant.

Thanks for making clear the difference between Silene and Saponaria cultivars.

I guess it is not a Silene!

As … has suggested it is S.calabrica

I am attaching a Public Domain photo of the same from Wikipedia for confirmation.
Attribution:Ziegler175. Original uploader was Ziegler175 at German Wikipedia – Own work (Original text: eigene Aufnahme)

Thank you … for this interesting conversation as well as the resolution of the ID.
I think this is an addition to eFI.

Yes it is S. calabrica (bifid style) and spoon shaped petals with rounded tips (bid in Silene armeria)



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