Climber for id from Sudhagad Wildlife Sanctuary, Raigad: 3 images.

Photographed this climber near a water body at Sudhagad Wildlife Sanctuary, Raigad, Maharashtra.
Looks like a Tinospora species.
Location- Sudhagad Sanctuary, Raigad district
Habit- Climber
Habitat- Wild
Altitude- 90 MSL
Please help in species confirmation.

Pachygone ovata (Poir.) Hook.fil. & Thomson ??

But doesn’t it look like the fruits of  Tinospora species and leaves of another climber Dendrophthoe falcata ?

The stems and fruit look like a Tinospora sp. The leaves may belong to another plant.

stem and fruits belong to tinospora Radha sir said. without leaves its not possible to identify the sps
T. sinensis was attached for reference


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