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Location: Panchase Nepal,

Altitude: 1480m
Date: 15th July, 2023
Habit: Wild

Yes, it could indeed. It is an Angiopteris, either the commoner A. helferiana (which has the soral line a bit in from the margin) or A. crassipes (which has it marginal). See Fraser-Jenkins, C.R., Kandel, D.R. & Pariyar, S. 12.4.2015. Ferns and fern-allies of Nepal 1: i-xiv, 1-492.  National Herbarium and Plant Laboratories, Dept. of Plant Resources, Ministry of Forests and Soil Conservation, Kathmandu. Or  also Annotated Checklist Pteridophytes India (2016). 
To see which you need to show a close up photo of the underside of a fertile pinnule.