Cerioporus squamosus (Huds.) Quél., 1886 (syn: Agarico-pulpa ulmi Paulet; Agaricus squamosus var. glaber Battarra; Boletus cellulosus Lightf.; Boletus juglandis Schaeff.; Boletus maximus Schumach.; Boletus michelii (Fr.) Pollini; Boletus polymorphus Bull.; Boletus squamosus Huds.; Boletus testaceus With.; Bresadolia caucasica Shestunov; Bresadolia paradoxa Speg.; Bresadolia squamosa (Huds.) Teixeira; Cerioporus michelii (Fr.) Quél.; Cerioporus rostkowii (Fr.) Quél.; Cerioporus squamosus f. squamosus (Huds.) Quél.; Favolus squamosus (Huds.) A. Ames; Heteroporus biennis var. flabelliformis (Pers.) O. Fidalgo; Melanopus squamosus (Huds.) Pat.; Melanopus squamosus var. squamosus (Huds.) Pat.; Polyporellus rostkowii (Fr.) P. Karst.; Polyporellus squamatus (Lloyd) Pilát; Polyporellus squamatus f. squamatus (Lloyd) Pilát; Polyporellus squamosus (Huds.) P. Karst.; Polyporellus squamosus subsp. granulisquamosus Pilát; Polyporellus squamosus f. rostkowii (Fr.) Pilát; Polyporellus squamosus f. squamosus (Huds.) P. Karst.; Polyporellus squamosus subsp. squamosus (Huds.) P. Karst.; Polyporus alpinus Saut.; Polyporus biennis var. flabelliformis (Pers.) Mont.; Polyporus caudicinus Murrill; Polyporus dissectus Letell.; Polyporus flabelliformis Pers.; Polyporus flabelliformis subsp. flabelliformis Pers.; Polyporus flabelliformis subsp. tigrinus Pers.; Polyporus infundibuliformis Rostk.; Polyporus juglandis (Schaeff.) Pers.; Polyporus juglandis var. juglandis (Schaeff.) Pers.; Polyporus juglandis var. pictus Pers.; Polyporus juglandis var. rangiferinus Pers.; Polyporus michelii Fr.; Polyporus pallidus Schulzer; Polyporus retirugus (Bres.) Ryvarden; Polyporus rostkowii Fr.; Polyporus squamatus Lloyd; Polyporus squamosus (Huds.) Fr.; Polyporus squamosus f. apodominuta Henn.; Polyporus squamosus f. caespitosa Bres.; Polyporus squamosus var. clusii Istv.; Polyporus squamosus var. crassipes J. Kickx fil.; Polyporus squamosus var. glaber Battarra ex P.W. Graff; Polyporus squamosus var. levipes J. Kickx fil.; Polyporus squamosus var. maculatus Velen.; Polyporus squamosus var. maximus Pâque; Polyporus squamosus f. michelii (Fr.) Bondartsev; Polyporus squamosus var. polymorphus (Bull.) P. W. Graff; Polyporus squamosus f. rostkowii (Fr.) Bondartsev; Polyporus squamosus var. squamosus (Huds.) Fr.; Polyporus squamosus f. squamosus (Huds.) Fr.; Polyporus ulmi Paulet; Polyporus westii Murrill; Scenidium pallidum (Schulzer) Kuntze; Trametes retirugus Bres.);

Dryad’s Saddle from Srinagar: 4 images.
Am attaching photos of Polyporus squamosus (Huds) Fr. growing on the stump of a dead tree. Photos were taken on 23 and 24th of JULY. This is a bract fungus and the bracts can attain a size of half a metre. Common name is Dryad”s  saddle as the cap when mature resembles a saddle and a Drayad is a tree nymph in Greek mythology. The name Polyporus refers to the underside of the cap having tubes opening by irregular pores (see Photo) by which spores are shed and squamosus refers to the brown scales  on the top of the cap giving it a pretty mottled appearance (see photo). When very young as in this photo it is said to be edible but older specimens are not edible. (All photos are under CC BY license only Attribution required )

Yes, Most probably Cerioporus squamosus (ex. Polyporus squamosus)





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