Aeschynanthus sikkimensis (C. B. Clarke) Stapf, Bot. Mag. 148: t. 8938 (1922);

MS, June, 2023/19 Aeschynanthus sp. for id: 2 images.
Location : Reiek tlang, Mizoram

Altitude : ca.1,390 m
Date : 29-06-2023
Habit : Epiphytic herb
Habitat : Wild

Aeschynanthus hookeri C.B.Clarke ?

Leaves look too long. Calyx is not visible, which is required.
Pl. post other images and images which show the calyx.

1 high res. image

Lower portion of the calyx is not visible.
After following the keys at MS,Sept.,2021/04 Aeschynanthus sp. for id and checking in GBIF, I feel the closest appears to be Aeschynanthus sikkimensis (C.B.Clarke) Stapf as per GBIF specimens (one and two).

Looking at the hairy flowers, it could be Aeschynanthus hookeri , but need to see the calyx to be sure.

Cannot followup as I do not get the images.

I do not think so. Only the top view of the calyx is visible in subsequent high res. posted by …




GBIF specimens (one and two) (High resolution specimens)  POWO (syn. of  Aeschynanthus parviflorus (D. Don) Spreng.)  Catalogue of Life (syn. of  Aeschynanthus parviflorus (D. Don) Spreng.)