Premna mollissima Roth, Nov. Pl. Sp. 286 1821. (Syn: Gumira mollissima (Roth) KuntzePremna latifolia Roxb.; ………);

Regarding identification of the species collected from SBR Mayurbhanj odisha: 7 high res. images.

Pl. check

Ehretia anacua (Terán & Berl.) I.M.Johnst. ?

I don’t think so.

It is some Premna species.
Pl. see comparative images at
I am not able to match it.
What are the species reported from Orissa?

What are the species of Premna reported from Orissa?

here with I am attaching the sp. Available in flora of Odisha

After following the keys, it appeared to be Premna latifolia as per GBIF specimens (onetwo).
However, in the posted images here the main nerves appear to be slightly on the higher side.