SK 3805 19 July 2023: 5 high res. images.

Location: Barsha Tal, Dhorpatan, Baglung, Nepal 
Date: 31May 2023
Elevation: 2900 m.

Habit : Wild
Arnebia hispidissima (Lehm.) A.DC. ???

Looks different as per images at

I was also doubtful but bust suggested. By the way Boraginacae ?

I feel it is Maharanga emodi or close ally of it.

M. emodi flowers are different in shape and color .


check with Amsinckia sps… mostly Amsinckia intermedia.

I am not sure if it is matching. However, this sp is found only in North America, Europe and Australia !
I guess it could be some Boraginaceae found in the Asian continent.

I think … may be right, in that flower may belong to some other plant.

This flower seems to have fallen from somewhere. 
I can not see any petiole etc. where this flower seems to be attached.

In that case it is OK !