Old eFI site:
This is mainly addressed to Garg ji, but of course concerns all the eFI group members. I believe the old eFI site is absolutely uneditable at this stage – no page can be changed or even deleted. Since all the stuff has already been moved to efloraofindia.com, this site is no longer needed. The problem is that a lot of pages on the old site carry information which is incorrect, the correct version of which is carried by the new eFI website. So what ends up happening is that the old website is spreading lot of incorrect information, and thus showing  eFI in a poor light (to a new comer).
My suggestion is that Google may be requested to completely delete the old eFI website including all the pages. Then the only information that will remain on the web will be the correct one of the new eFI website.

I found out that there is an option to delete a legacy google site:
After deletion a grace period of 30 days given to restore the site if one wishes.
I found that the problem with the old eFI site is compounded by the fact that in a google search for a species, the old eFI page link appears before the one from the new eFI page, thus creating confusion. Pages like this have become a problem:

Yes, we will think about it.
But we will have to still wait for a year or so, before we take any concrete decision. Last year we reeled under phishing and hacking of our new site. Hope we get more expertise and confidence over time, to take this decision.
Not an easy decision at this point of time.

Thanks … for your response. Yes, the decision should be taken wisely, after due consideration.


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